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Welcome to Laholm

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Gamleby, the old town in Laholm.

Laholm – an idyll to revisit

Laholm can be described in so many different ways. An untouched village idyll, a beach paradise suitable for children, a wonderful ski area, a fisherman's dream, an eldorado for nature lovers or the little city with large artwork. No matter which of the region's attractions you choose to investigate, you will not be disappointed. Laholm is an idyll to revisit. Year round.

Untouched village idyll Laholm

Laholm, Halland Province's oldest town, has understood the value of preserving its historic roots. In the Gamleby neighbourhood’s winding alleys one can still sense reverberations of the Middle Ages, while Stortorget is dominated by a beautiful town hall from the late 1700s. The remainder of the Laholm region is rich in history, too. In Knäred lies the place where Denmark and Sweden made peace in 1613. In Hasslöv you are transported all the way back to the Bronze Age. There you can visit a 3,000-year-old grave with a museum. Beach paradise suitable for children

Mellbystrand and Skummeslövsstrand, Laholm's bathing areas, offer 12 kilometres of sandy beaches with gradually increasing depths. Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv, Laholm's bathing areas, offer 12 kilometres of sandy beaches with gradually increasing depths. Awaiting you here are saltwater swimming and pleasant relaxation in the sand dunes. For those who prefer freshwater bathing, there are many fine lakes and bathing facilities.

Do you want to know more? Please contact Laholm's tourist office.

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Tourist Information
Växel: +46 430150 00
Direkt: +46 430154 50
Teckningsmuseet, Hästtorget
312 30 Laholm


1 September-14 June

Monday-Friday 10am-16.30pm
Saturday-Sunday & Holiday 12-16pm

24 & 25 dec, Closed

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15 June - 16 August

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