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Frågor och svar på engelska

Questions and answers on fee check

Why is fee check conducted?

Laholm's municipality wants everyone to pay the correct fee. It is a matter of fairness and security that families are treated equally and pay a fee according to the rate applicable to their places at preschools and after-school centres. It is as important to pay back as to claim money.  

Who has decided that the check should be done?

On 25 September 2019, the Child and Youth Committee decided to introduce fee checking for preschools and after-school centres. The decision means that fee checking is carried out from the year 2017 by comparing the taxable annual income from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) for 2017 with the income information submitted to the municipality. The fee check will then be carried out each year for the purpose of everyone paying the correct fee.

How is the check done?

Information is collected from the Swedish Tax Agency regarding annual income of 2020. The annual income is then divided by twelve to produce an estimated monthly income. This figure is then compared with the income information provided to the municipality. If these amounts are not equal, it means that the fee has been too high or too low. A recalculation is then made of the fee to obtain the fee that should have been paid. Amounts where the difference is less than SEK 600 for the whole year is not invoiced or refunded. 

What has gone wrong when I have to pay money back?

The most common error is that you have not submitted a current income statement to the municipality. It may also be because not all income that is taxable has been included in your monthly salary, such as vacation pay, family home allowance or taxable benefits. Another common reason is that changes in family conditions have not been submitted to the municipality, e.g. if you have become a common-law spouse or separated.  The fee is calculated on the household's total income. This means that the joint income for people who are married or cohabitants is the basis for the fee, even if that person is not the parent of your child.

You as a parent are responsible for informing the municipality of the correct income and family conditions.  

Why am I getting a refund?

You will get a refund if it turns out that you had lower incomes than the ones you submitted to Laholm's municipality. For deviations below SEK 600 on an annual basis, no refund is given.

I am getting a refund. Can this be deducted on the next invoice?

For technical reasons we can unfortunately not link amounts from the fee check with the usual fee for preschools and after-school centres. There is also no guarantee that the family picture is the same now as it was 2020.

Why do you check as far back in time as 2020?
There is a delay in the data that we can get access to from the Swedish Tax Agency. The Swedish Tax Agency’s data are based on what you declared in May 2020. It then takes time before the final tax is completed at the Swedish Tax Agency. After that we need time to check our own data.

Thefee that you pay to Laholm’s  municipality is a preliminary fee.  This means that we calculate the fee using the information you submitted to Laholm’s municipality.  However, your final fee is determined retrospectively when the tax is completed for the calendar year for which you paid the preliminary fee.

Is my income not automatically updated?
No. Parents are responsible for informing the municipality of the correct income and family conditions. This is to ensure that the household's fee for preschool and after-school centre is correct.

The invoice cannot be correct. What do I do?

Any comments on the invoice should be made within 10 days of receipt of the invoice. This is done in writing by letter or email to  State your name, personal identity number, address, telephone number and email address. State the invoice number, date, and amount on the invoice that you are referring to. Indicate what you believe is not correct on the invoice.

How fast should I pay the invoice?

The invoice must be paid within 30 days. A reminder invoice is sent approximately one week after the due date. 25 days after the due date, the municipality hands the claim over to Visma, which then takes over the debt for collection. When Visma takes over the debt, a fee of SEK 180 is added, plus interest.

I am unable to pay my invoice. Where should I turn?

If you cannot pay the full invoice at once, there is the option of setting up a payment plan. Contact us by phone 0430-155 15, letter or email

We have separated. Who should pay the invoice?

If you lived together during the tear in question, you are both responsible for the invoice being paid.

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